We take a payday for 30, 90 or even 360 days

It does not matter if you are 18 or 21, whether you have low income or not the best credit history. Chowkart will find a matched payday with a repayment period of 30, 90 or even 360 days.

It is impossible to count all the companies that currently operate in the short-term loans market, commonly known as payday loans. Chowkart is another brand through which we can get a break, though not directly from them. But you will learn about this from the rest of this article.

Although, as I mentioned at the outset, companies providing payday loans are many, not every offer can be noteworthy. First of all, you should pay attention to the costs, especially for those offers where the first minute is not offered for free. Not all companies have favorable conditions to offer, but we can check this before applying for a loan. Using the calculators that most of the companies have posted on their websites. We can not find such a calculator on the website of Chowkart, but for a very specific reason. It is not a company that directly grants payday loans but an online broker. The company acts as an intermediary in providing payday loans, cooperating with many different brands that provide loans. The exact costs depend on the offer that will be chosen for us.

Payday loans for 30, 90 or even 360 days


Chowkart has a wide offer of loans on its offer. We find here both popular payday loans with a 30 or 60-day repayment period, as well as loans with a longer repayment period. The company makes it possible to acquire virtually any amount via a non-banking route, although its amount depends of course on our creditworthiness. After indicating the amount of the payment which we are interested in and the repayment period, the application is sent directly to the Chowkart company. Depending on our profile (age, creditworthiness, indebtedness), the company matches and presents us with the best offer. If it meets our requirements, we can use it, or otherwise ask for a different loan offer.

Who should you say about a moment? A loan application can be submitted by almost every person who is over 18 years old. The most important thing is to have a current ID card and employment when you apply for a loan. It will also be necessary to have a personal account in one of the national banks and a mobile phone.