No doubt about it: the internet offers almost unlimited opportunities to “entertain”, to buy goods and services, to do a large part of its financial transactions or simply to inform only far-reaching. But not everything that can be found on the Internet is really helpful, sometimes even dangerous in many ways. In the financial sector, in particular, there are huge amounts of offers that often turn out to be dubious only at second glance.

Especially the online lending business is often under the general suspicion of being frivolous. Terms such as loan sharks, loan usury, Kreditabzocke are quickly pronounced and this unfortunately also largely right.

The reason for this is that there is still a lot of money to be made with the financial suffering of others. Unfortunately, anyone who has to bridge a financial bottleneck and is also under considerable time pressure unfortunately often loses the necessary objectivity and thus tends to make use of dubious credit offers. It is precisely this pattern of behavior that rogue vendors are targeting with promises such as “Loans for the Unemployed”, “Loans Without Guarantors”, “Loans Without Schufa”.

Anyone who agrees to this and expects rapid help, later finds with amazement that should be ordered in advance any useless documents or an unnecessary insurance is to be completed with which the allegedly already “approved” and “for disbursement” available credit “secured” shall be. But even if one has followed these “conditions”, the total disillusionment quickly ensues – the allegedly already approved loan is not forthcoming!

The reality is: the loan will never be disbursed, the alleged credit intermediary or lender never intended to grant you a loan. He wanted to earn money with you quickly and this favor was done to him!


A reputable and thus reliable alternative is Adam Bede. Adam Bede is backed by a licensed bank, experienced management and a clearly defined loan offering with full cost transparency . Adam Bede does not promise something that can not be guaranteed from the outset. Adam Bede tries hard and unconventional to help with his offer of mini-loans, but you will not find statements like “Loans for unemployed”, “Loans without guarantor”, “Loan without schufa”. You can expect quality, seriousness and transparency! Rather rely on an internationally renowned financial institution instead of sitting up a “loan shark”!

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