Credit despite a reminder

You need a larger sum of money, but recently received a reminder. Is it still possible for you to get a loan despite dunning notice? What do you have to do to get a loan despite a reminder? You can get a loan despite a reminder, if you put the loan application together with a

The first bank account – what to look for

  Choosing your first bank account is very important. Is associated with the first job and important life decisions. It often stays with us for many years. That is why it is important to choose them wisely. Compare personal account offers     Don’t rely on chance because you may incur unnecessary costs. What? For

Loan – what you need to know

What are the types of documents we will come across as a borrower? What is a loan application? What does a professional loan agreement contain? What other documents should the lender provide? Loan – application form   The loan application form is a very important document – the first one we will come across as

Financial Transactions through the Internet

No doubt about it: the internet offers almost unlimited opportunities to “entertain”, to buy goods and services, to do a large part of its financial transactions or simply to inform only far-reaching. But not everything that can be found on the Internet is really helpful, sometimes even dangerous in many ways. In the financial sector,